What is the difference between motor oil for gasoline and diesel engines

What are the similarities and differences between motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines?

Motor oils for gasoline or diesel engines have the same “anatomy&rdquo ;.They're made by mixing base oils and additives to attain a couple of desired properties. Consider the necessary characteristics of the lubricant for every single kind of engine.

Emissions and catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is really a housing which has a porous metal filler located involving the engine and the muffler in the exhaust system. Its role is to convert toxic engine emissions into non-toxic substances before they enter the atmosphere.

Some of the products of combustion (lead, zinc and phosphorus) adversely affect the catalyst.

The very first significant difference between oils. Diesel engine oil features a higher content of antiwear additives in the shape of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP). Catalysts in diesel cars are able to cope with this dilemma, while catalysts in gasoline cars are not.

That is among reasons why it's not recommended to make use of diesel engine oil in a gasoline engine.

Important! If your car does not need a catalytic converter, calmly pour diesel engine oil.


Viscosity is the most crucial property of a lubricant. The selected viscosity of the engine oil should allow it to be pumped by a fat pump at a low starting temperature (weather conditions in which the car is operated).

Generally, diesel engine oil features a higher kinematic viscosity. Too high viscosity in a gasoline engine can cause some problems:

- increased temperature from internal fluid friction.

- warm negatively affects living of the oil. (for every 10 ° С escalation in temperature - living of the oil is shortened by 50%)

- low temperature pumpability of the higher viscosity during a cold start (threatens premature engine wear). For further info, click here

If the car features a simple 8-valve engine of the old "cold" design - you should use diesel engine oil.

Additive package

Diesel engine oil has more additives per unit volume.


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